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Advantage Plans Include:
Your Hospitalizations                     Your Doctor Visits          & Prescriptions
Hospital Staff
Blond Doctor
Prescription Drugs
And Some Plans Include:
Dental                             Vision                                  & Hearing
Patient and Dentist
Eye Test
Ear Exam

Advantage Plans Part C

Enrollment in Parts A & B Required

Medicare Part C offers Medicare recipients the option to receive their Medicare Benefits through an Advantage Plan in lieu of Original Medicare.  Advantage Plans are offered by private insurance companies like United Healthcare, Humana, and Aetna.  


Advantage Plans work very much like employer health plans in that these plans utilize a network of doctors and hospitals, have low premiums,  affordable Hospital Coverage, and reasonable deductibles.  If fact, Advantage Plan coverage must equal or exceed Medicare's benefits.

Another (and often overlooked) benefit of the Advantage Plans is their Maximum Out Of Pocket limit (MOOP).  This MOOP benefit greatly reduces a Medicare Recipient's financial exposure when enrolled in Original Medicare (Did you know there is no limit to your medical expenses in Original Medicare). 

If you would like to know more about Medicare Advantage Plans contact Frank Mills today.  Frank represents all the major Insurers with many plan choices available for you, some even have $0 monthly premiums!


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