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Individual & Family Life Insurance

Family Time
Individual & Family Life Insurance

Life Insurance provides financial protection for your family in an untimely death event.  This protection is most warranted for families with children, because death can caused catastrophic financial hardship for years to come.

Term Life Insurance is a simple and economical solution to protect your family.  For Example, a 32 year old male can purchase $250,000 in Term coverage for just $57 per month.  An incredible amount of coverage for less than $2 a day.

Things you should consider when purchasing life insurance...

•  Term Life is the best type of Insurance Coverage for young families.

•  Whole life is a better type of insurance once children leave the nest.

•  Child Riders are available

•  Frank Mills offers competitive prices from 6 companies including;

    Mutual of Omaha, TransAmerica, Family Benefits, Foresters, Sentinel,

    and AIG.

Call, Text, or Email, a proposed insured's name, height, & weight (and if they smoke) and you will receive a complimentary assessment and quotation (absolutely no obligation).

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