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PART A Pays Your Hospital Bills

Senior Doctor

PART B Pays Your Doctor

Joining Original Medicare

While the following "Original Medicare" summary is simplistic, please know that many exceptions and rules may apply to you.  If you are new to Medicare, seeking competent advise from a licensed and trained agent such as Frank Mills is strongly encouraged (and its free).  

MEDICARE PART A - Pays Your Hospital 
Automatic enrollment at 65

When first enacted in1965, Medicare followed the design of traditional hospital insurance.  Back then, hospital insurance paid 80% of costs for a hospital stay; the patient was responsible for the remaining 20%.  This "80/20" model for Medicare Part A still holds true today.  Part A is funded by payroll taxes and you pay no premiums (there are exceptions).

MEDICARE PART B - Pays Your Doctor
Voluntary enrollment at 65

Return to the Medicare main page to read about Advantage Plans, Prescription Drug Plans, and Medicare Supplements.

Medicare Part B covers cost of doctor visits through a co-payment arrangement.   Like Part A, Part B pays 80% of the cost, you pay the difference.  Part B is not funded by payroll taxes and there are premiums for this coverage.  As such, joining Part B is voluntary.

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